Sunday, 9 February 2014

The heat builds in paradise

Coming this March! Fire Dancer - Book 3 in the Dr. Love Shark series.

Fire dancer, Layla Kalani, balances her flame throwing career with a battle of wits with an arsonist stalker. She struggles with courage which she builds as he threatens everyone she loves.

Officer Van Johansen has loved Layla since she was a teen, but she never looked at him or spoke to
him. He takes it as she doesn't like him, yet Layla thinks he hates her because he never speaks to her either.

These star-crossed lovers begin a relationship when Layla finds her courage. Together they decide to try a ménage with their lifetime friend, Logan Graham, who is a firefighter. Logan finds the idea intriguing.

Can the three of them take down the arsonist, or will he win and capture her heart?

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Don't forget to order books 1 and 2 as well.

Bobbi Brattz
A true brat in your imagination.

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Kegelmeister rises to meet the New Year...

What is a KEGELMEISTER? If you like erotic romances, this will tickly your fancy. Piers Kaaumona is a doctor. He is teaching sex classes at Dr. Love Shark's resort. It's amazing how many muscles it takes to get them to work.

If you'd care to know more, get your copy of The KEGELMEISTER - Dr. Love Shark book 2 at You can pre-order or wait until January 8th to get your copy. The best part, you ask? It's on SALE for $5.09 until January 15th. Get it today or the price goes up to $5.99! Still a great bargain.


While working at a Hawaiian sex therapy resort, Dr. Piers Kaamoana watches his best friend, Mateo Mann, Dr. Love Shark, marry Rae, the only woman Piers ever loved. Heartbroken, he swears off women until Rae's maid of honor catches his attention.
Rae's best friend, Tara Jackson, promises to heal his broken heart, and she has plans for him that include a great deal of pleasure. Tara has a secret and doesn't want to have emotional entanglements, but she sure doesn't mind having a good time with two handsome men.
Sexy fire dancer, Kona Kalani, joins them in a seductive ménage a trois. He's a playboy who loves a challenge, and getting Piers and Tara together is a chore most people would fail. A murderer is stalking Tara though, and it's up to Piers and Kona to save her from certain death.
Will it be death or desire when Piers loses his heart once again?
A Siren Erotic Romance


“Welcome, ladies. I’m Dr. Piers, your Kegelmiester.”
Piers stood at a podium in the studio. The focal point in the room was a king-sized bed that was made up with plush pillows, cushions, and satin sheets. The ruby-red and black combinations were incredibly sexy. Tara watched from the front row, surprised at how comfortable he was in front of two hundred sex-hungry females.
There was a thick mat on the floor in front of him where they would practice their exercises. The lights were bright, taking the mood away from the sinful scene.
A woman called out, “I’d like a volunteer to hel
“I’ll do it,” Tara called out then jumped to her feet so that he couldn’t refuse her.
Piers was almost quick enough to hide his frustration, but Tara caught the guarded look. As she moved to his side there were murmurs from the audience. Dressed in a skin-tight tank top and boxers covered with a Hawaiian print, he was delicious to the eyes.
“Thank you, miss.” His tone was barely shy of disdain.
“I’m Tara. Nice to meet you, Doctor,” she said with a purr.
“Uh.” Piers seemed at a loss for words for a moment then snapped out of it, took a deep breath, and sighed. After clearing his throat, he nodded at her then faced the audience.
“Many of you might wonder what Kegels are. Take a look at the diagram of a woman’s pelvic area on the projector screen.” Piers pointed at one section of muscles. “This is the PC or pubococcygeal muscle. It resembles a hammock. This is the muscle you use to try and stop the flow of urine in a leaky bladder, or to hold back a fart.”
The audience laughed at his outrageous comment, breaking the ice. Tara watched as he loosened up, pleased at his response to her. I’ll have him in no time. He’s so hot!
Piers looked uncomfortable with her standing beside him, but Tara found that she liked the way he tried to ignore her while being forced to use her as his model. She inhaled his scent, her stomach doing a flip as she moved closer to him. She almost laughed aloud when he took a step away from her. He’s delicious. Mmmm, he smells like fresh Hawaiian air and spice.
“Doctor, why is it that women aren’t supposed to fart, while men do it all the time and it’s supposed to be funny?”
When Piers froze then turned his head to stare at her in surprise, she almost laughed aloud. His deep-brown eyes held a look of confusion at first then captured a spark of fire that flew, releasing flecks of gold. Hiding a satisfied smile, Tara fought to keep a false look of query in her expression.
His well-tanned face darkened with a flush for a moment, but he recovered quickly.
“We’ll go into that a little later.”
As Piers continued with the class, she watched him, sure that she was making him uncomfortable. She couldn’t wait until they were back at Mateo’s house and she’d have him all to herself.
“You can practice tightening your Kegels anywhere, anytime, and no one would know. We are here to learn how to strengthen those muscles that become weak after childbirth, with age, and with obesity.”
Tara seized the moment he stopped talking, and practically purred. “Doctor, I’d love to tighten up those muscles. I understand it makes your sex life a lot more fun.”
She nearly burst out laughing when his eyes widened a little, and he swallowed hard. Once again, he pulled himself together and cleared his throat, but this time he kept his eyes on the class.
“Yes, Tara, Kegels do help your love life. Now, I ask that you all hold your questions until the end of the session. We’re going to discuss all elements of the Kegels and learn more about them through counselling and sex therapy classes.”
This time, Tara gave a low, husky chuckle and said, “Oh, yeah, I can’t wait for that part!”
The women in the class laughed and Tara did a curtsy.
Piers sucked in a deep breath, his lips tightening as he stood unmoving at the podium.
“That will be all for the day. Please make sure you sign up for Yoga and the gym sessions.”
Turning abruptly, Piers left the room through the change room door, leaving Tara on stage. She smiled and winked at the audience, bringing more laughter.
He has no idea how well I can do in sex therapy.
It was time to tease the tiger.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dr. Love Shark Series - book 1
Hawaiian Triple Heat
I'm Rae Hooper, stranded on Maui when my bags and passport were stolen. That's where I met Dr. Mateo Mann, a sex therapist with a twist. Since I was forced to say in Hawaii at his resort I took a modelling job for him and spent many a night in his arms in a menage with his friend, Dr. Piers Kaaumona, a medical doctor. It isn't just any resort, it's one where people come to work on their sex lives.

Mateo thinks he can keep his unusual sex life going while I'm in his life but things don't work out as he plans.
Piers is the sweetest guy and he is in love with me. Piers always treats me with the utmost respect and I love him too, but between them, I have to make a choice.

I hope you'll read our story. It's very...stimulating. Mateo is into BDSM and I love it when he practices on me. When he plays a trick on me, I get him back BIG TIME!

Come with me to the Dr. Love Shark Resort and enjoy a few days of fun in the sun...and under the sheets.

Bobbi Brattz
A true bratt, in your imagination.